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    i don't understand,why the media is so negative towards blackberry,when i know for a fact that people that i know,which is around 50,and out of the 50,7 of them do not own a blackberry,but there considering buying one,so when i visit sites like cnet,engadet,and gizmodo wow the negativity is so intense,and in most cases its just plain pro american seriously thats how feel,its like are pooh don't stink,this why i am standing by Rim right till the end,until they go up in smoke (hopefully not ) lol.How does everyone feel about this??
    10-21-11 06:28 AM
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    I have always done my own thinking for purchases. I use reviews for reference, like what features do they consider important, what is the benchmark against which comparisons are made? etc.. I like my Playbook, it does what I want. No one I knew encouraged me to make this choice, or for that matter most of the reviews by seasoned tech junkies. I bought Toyotas when Chevy and Ford were in, and now I have bought Fords and Chevy,s when the foreign cars are more popular. I bought Olympus cameras when Nikon and Canon were more popular. Make your own choices I tell my kids- don't follow blindly.
    The Playbook stands on its own amongst the tablet devices. I admire RIMs go for the gusto approach with their os and design. I see the current excitement about DevCon and the release of beta 2.0 , I am a tech enjoyer not very savy about how it works, so I will sit on the sidelines and see what comes of it all. Screw the reviewers and critics. I might even buy a Blackberry cell phone to go with PB!
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    10-21-11 06:59 AM
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    In a lot of cases, for instance when I visited Best Buy last week, a sales person noticed my finece' and I looking at the BlackBerry PlayBook. She was bursting at the seams to tell is "they are not making those anymore, discontinued." My fience and I both told her at that same time, that it was only a rumor. She turned beet red and said, "Thats interesting." There are a lot of people who write articles who rely on the opinion of others, write an opinion of products they do not own, and those who write according to the trend so they fit in. I have seen it that way. So for me its reading users opinions here and making my own judgement with hands on.
    10-21-11 07:04 AM
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    ya thats soooo true go RIM thank you all
    10-21-11 07:37 AM