1. samuelmorgan's Avatar
    I made a pretty rookie mistake. While messing around with the new desktop software, I disconnected my phone during a photo sync. Now, my media card is jacked.

    I've removed it, (attempted to) format it, "repaired" it both on my computer and on my device and nothing.

    My device (bold 9000) will not read it and I've gotten a "fatal" error message. The word "fatal" has always terrified me.

    From this much information, am I looking at buying a new card as my only option?
    I'm pretty pissed as I lost a video I took of a forty year old guy getting down at the bar a few months ago.
    08-12-10 08:53 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I thought it was pretty hard to actually kill the card so that it would not work even after a format. There are some 3rd party software apps for computers that can attempt to recover stuff from media cards. Good luck.
    08-12-10 09:07 PM
  3. Rootbrian's Avatar
    There's also the GParted Live CD. It can delete and repartition the media card in the USB card reader when it's plugged into your computer. It saved me from disposing my 1GB "dead" media card lol

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    08-13-10 02:01 AM