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    The Media Card had an error, I pressed to repair but it was taking forever to the point that it seemed like it wasn't doing anything. So I did a battery pull and connected it to the pc via USB, and did an error checker. It fixed some errors and the error appeared on the phone again once I pulled it out. So I did a repair function on the phone and it worked. However, I can't see the contents on the memory card, despite them appearing when connected to the PC.
    03-30-12 04:46 AM
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    Looks like your media card is busted. You will have to buy a new one. Have you tried cleaning the card? I know it sounds dumb but its worth a try.

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    03-30-12 05:21 AM
  3. thebbnoob's Avatar
    I don't understand it though. My files can be seen on it through the pc, the phone recognizes that there is a media card. Yet the files are "hidden"?
    03-30-12 06:22 AM
  4. Sarcasm Detector's Avatar
    Try backing up your media card onto your pc; then format the card on the blackberry.

    Restore your data using copy/paste.
    03-30-12 06:55 AM
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    Hi all, I'm spending time here (and in other sites where I see posts of the same concern) posting how I resolved this issue in my BB9300 and hopefully it will help you with whatever BB unit you have:

    1. I inserted my media card in a BB unit which had Encryption activated.
    2. When I inserted the media card back to my BB unit, it no longer showed the folders and the files I had were no longer recognized by my BB media browswer.
    3. In resolving this, I did not have time to re-insert my media card to that BB unit and de-activate the encryption, so I don't know if it would have solved the issue.

    My solution:
    1. I copied all my media card contents to my computer ( I created a folder in my desktop so it was eaasy to find)

    2. After making sure all folders (including the hidden ones) were copied completely, I reformatted my media card (just to make sure it's clean but I could have just deleted all the contents without reformatting).

    *I used the BB "Format" option under "Options" > "Memory" > [clicked blackberry button on the unit for Options] > "Format"

    3.After reformat, the media card automatically had fresh Blackberry folders (default), I copied the non-hidden files first from the blackberry contents I copied to my Desktop)

    4. For the hidden files, I opened each of them and found out the inside contents were not hidden (some were but they could be un-hid so no issue); I copied all manually to the "fresh" folders in my unit.
    *I also tried copying the hidden folders directly to the media card but they were not un-hid and the Hidden option could still not be ticked (grayed out)

    5. Voila! Everything was showing again.

    Hope this helps.
    04-16-12 11:47 AM