1. Jessica Megan's Avatar
    I have a pearl 8130
    on the home screen, where when you get a new text message a little envelope with a number for how many new texts you have...or the cassette tape for the new vm with a number for how many new vm's there are...email, and missed calls as well...

    ...well today I woke up to find a little world; planet Earth with a 1 by it.

    I have no new text messages now, nor vm's, emails, missed calls etc. I am not in roaming. there is no little circling arrow around the earth like the icon for the web browser. and there is no envelope by the earth, this indicator is not in the line up with the icons for text messages, emails, address book facebook or myspace.

    I'm using the dimension L theme. never saw this indicator before.

    called Alltel, and of course they've never heard of this before...as usual.

    *help*! haha
    05-17-09 05:34 PM
  2. skwij's Avatar
    Browser message.

    Open your browser to view.
    05-17-09 05:39 PM
  3. Jessica Megan's Avatar
    hmmm...well...my browser is always at myspace because my dumb app for myspace doesn't work correctly....and so where in the browser do I find new messages?
    05-17-09 05:50 PM
  4. Jessica Megan's Avatar
    oh sweet thanks
    05-17-09 06:35 PM