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    Hi there,

    I have two apps on which i would like to maximize the security on for unautherized access.
    Those apps has an build in password, but i want a second line of defence.

    For now i have patternlock, with a pattern of duplicated paths, so my vingertrail doesn't leave a mark of the path.
    Patternlock will start when the phone boots and lock up then.

    But there are some glithes, because the patternlock app can be removed. So how to prevent the app being deleted. There are in my opinion 3 ways to delete an app:
    1) Through the blackberry key in the application list.
    2) Through the options, phone, application
    3) Through App World.

    I also would like to prevent the modification of the patternlock app settings in options, 3th party apps
    I noticed that when the phone boots, it doesn't protect the options in the beginning. Appworld is already in the protectlist.

    So my general question is how to setup a decent second line of defence?
    The first line is the password protection of the apps i want to be secure.
    03-07-12 12:47 AM