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    Hi there,

    I have a question about unlocking a Blackberry 7750. I am from the hometown of RIM, Waterloo, Ontario. I just got the Blackberry 7750 that is programmed to work on Bell Mobility network in Canada (CDMA technology). This unit was used by RIM as one of the demo PDA's. The ESN exists on the Bell's system but it has no history, therefore, they don't have the Master Unlock Code or MSL, i'm not sure what it's called (the one that you input in phone dial mode starting with ##) and they can't activate it for me. The techs at Bell told me that the unit was lock by RIM and none of the generic codes that Bell uses work.

    If anyone out there knows the Master Unlock Code that RIM uses please PM me. This BlackBerry is in perfect condition and it'd be a waste if I couldn't unlock it. Thanks.
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