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    The title says it all.
    I am going on Vacation in a few weeks. Were going to Vegas, but were also going to see some desert places outside of Vegas that tend to have no signal at all.

    Anyways, It seems like I remember someone talking about being able to save map files to your SD card on blackberry maps, so they can be used when you have no service. Obviously Navigation, and location will not work without GPS or service, but the maps will be very helpful when I have no service.
    Does anyone know how and if this is possible?

    I use my Blackberry for travel. It is a better travel phone than my droid. It is more reliable, and I also have about 3 extra batteries for my blackberry. There is an app on the droid that lets you save map files to SD. But I don't want to travel with my droid.

    Thanks a lot,
    02-08-11 03:25 PM
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    Check out TrekBuddy: TrekBuddy - J2ME application for offline GPS tracking

    Seems to me it can do offline google maps though, if I recall correctly as it has been a while sine I used it, that the process isn't straight-forward. Not impossible, just not simple.

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    02-11-11 12:19 AM
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    I have used TopoSports before with good success. You have to pre-download the USGS maps for the area that you are going to be in. Only real issue is that many of those maps are very old and don't have current roads. For outback hiking and snowmobiling, I think it is very good.
    02-18-11 07:44 AM
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    Thanks for the help guys
    I took a look a trek buddy. Its pretty nice...

    I was able to create my own map files by using Mobile Atlas Creator (Mobile Atlas Creator) and import the maps into trekbuddy.

    It seems to work good. It should help out a lot if I run into a dead service zone.
    02-22-11 04:03 AM