1. SydneySteve's Avatar

    So far Blackberry has not released Blackberry maps for Australia. Google Maps will work and synch with GPS, however a data connection is required of course and the mapping moves slowly.

    I have an 8Gb MicroSD card in an 8800. It would be helpful to be able to download Google maps in large files or any other maps available in such a way to avoid the data connection.

    I would be happy to buy such a solution if it were available then of course I could also use GPS mapping in remote areas where data connection is not available.

    Also whiile data connection costs here in Australia are OK, they are not when traveling overseas (unless somebody has some recommendations on that ?).

    I have looked at Trekbuddy, but I find the downloading of part maps rather difficult and would require a very large number of downloads.

    Does anyone have any solutions/ideas/suggestions ? Thanks for your help.

    06-27-08 07:21 PM