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    I TRIED to set up my AT&T Blackberry Bold so that it would 1) sync wirelessly (only - I don't use Desktop Mgr for work) with my work's enterprise server for BUSINESS mail, contacts, calendar and 2) sync via USB cable and Desktop Manager [configured to BIS and not BES] to my home computer's Outlook so I can have my PERSONAL contacts and addressbook ALSO on my blackberry.

    I set up my home/personal accounts first. Desktop Manager self entitled my personal contacts as coming from "Desktop". Sync worked fine.

    Then I activated my enterprise account through wireless sync. It also entitled my contacts as "Desktop", but it is a SECOND name (i.e., I can see two different Desktop addressbooks ... they're named the same, but they are two different line items).

    Everything seemed to be working fine until I (for the first time), tried to SYNC via the USB cable to my home computer to update some info from my Personal addressbook and calendar. I OVERWROTE all my personal contacts in Outlook (490 of them) with my business contacts (only 12 so far - new job ) from my blackberry (that is, it has replaced one "Desktop" with the other "Desktop"'s data). BOTH sets of contacts are still on my Blackberry (thank goodness).

    Two questions:
    1)MOST importantly - Does anyone (oh please !!) know how to restore back to my home pc my personal contacts from my blackberry?

    THEN ...
    2) If at all possible, configure it so that I CAN sync from home PC to bberry via Desktop Manager and from work server to bberry via wireless so that I can have both sets of data, without one overwriting the other?

    Thank you a million times over for your help!
    03-03-09 10:23 AM