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    I've searched and searched and downloaded various apps to no avail.
    I have a group of contacts on my 9800 OS: 246
    I went to send a mass text earlier and it said I can only have 100 contacts in this group!! I have 174
    On my BOLD9000 it never complained it just worked.
    Now I have just changed to Orange from o2. Is this contact restriction being set by the device or the carrier??

    Anyway...The main reason for this post is I need to split this group into 2 groups, which as you can imagine is no easy task on the BB handset, and would be very much easier on a PC.
    I cannot find a program to accomplish this, so I'm asking your help, to point me in the right direction to managing my group of contacts on the PC.

    Fingers crossed someone has managed to do this

    10-11-10 02:21 PM