1. coaxial's Avatar
    I am currently on a 9700 running the cracked version of 6.0. I have always found managing contacts on the Blackberry absurdly annoying. Just wondering what you guys do/recommend.

    My device is not a corporate device (thus I am using BIS) and all my contacts are on Google Contacts. I, of course, do not use outlook to manage my contacts since I need a cloud solution and I don't use outlook for my personal mail.

    I have my contacts wirelessly syncing but it seems to be a little flaky. Once in a while some important contacts get deleted. Here's what I would want ideally

    1. Contacts sync seamlessly (I don't want to manually sync with a USB cable)
    2. I don't want to edit my contact data primarily on the phone, I would prefer a web app (IE Google Contacts) that I can edit anywhere (not just my personal computer)
    3. Contact pictures that I specify sync to the phone
    4. Contacts don't randomly get deleted

    Any ideas?
    12-19-10 11:55 PM
  2. gdasilva16's Avatar
    Google Sync. i've been using it and it is awesome. it syncs your contacts and calendar. you can download it straight from you BB Browser.
    12-20-10 08:15 AM
  3. trucky's Avatar
    Google Sync does seem to do the job. However, you will sometimes get duplicate contacts on your first sync, but it's not hard to hop on a PC and clean it up in your Google contacts. I have found that Google Sync will sometimes just stop working, so far for unknown reasons. When that happens I just delete the app and re-install it. I run a hybrid OS so I'm not sure if that may be part of the problem. Overall I'm satisfied with GS, and the price is right.
    12-20-10 08:57 AM