1. eds817's Avatar
    As a matter of convenience I normally leave my Mobile Network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections on.

    With the the last few OS7.1 releases I've noticed that my connection changes from WiFi to 4G to EDGE and back. Last night on the way home I decided to turn off my WiFi and see what happens. It looked like I maintained my 4G connection. Then at home I turned off my Mobile Network and my WiFi seemed to hold. Today at the office I have my mobile network off and am watching to see if the WiFi holds.

    I've read that turning off the WiFi when it's not being use will save the battery but I'm not very concerned with that. I always have a charging source nearby.

    Other than battery savings is there a benefit either way?

    03-23-12 08:41 AM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    I turn off the blue tooth when not in use. Wifi is always on & I never turn off the network unless i'm out of the country.
    03-23-12 10:09 AM
  3. albee 1's Avatar
    And gps location when not needed. Don't know of any benefits other than if either signal does not exist your BB isn't constantly looking which should result in less energy spent.
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    03-23-12 12:06 PM
  4. Sarcasm Detector's Avatar
    I was under the assumption that the GPS was only active when running apps that require location services.
    03-23-12 01:07 PM
  5. Canuck671's Avatar
    other than batt life, there really is no other reason for turning things off. maybe i am wrong, but thats what I do

    03-23-12 01:09 PM
  6. SDM7171's Avatar
    I use wifi manager so that I only use wifi at home and work.

    Bluetooth is always on, to support the Playbook.

    Network is always on.
    03-23-12 02:05 PM
  7. anon3230140's Avatar
    I use WiFi Manager too so only turns on WiFi at places I've designated. Secondly I use Cell Network Or Wifi by PingDev which switches off Mobile Network once WiFi is active and once WiFi is lost automatically switches to Mobile Network. Lastly I also have Radio Saver active which switches off Mobile Network (turns radio completely off like when battery low) whenever i'm in and area with extremely low or no service like when on the London Tube (Underground) automatically to stop searching which drains battery. It then comes on after minutes which you can specify.. check.. if no service turns radio off and intelligently stays off longer etc..

    All the above have done wonders for my battery. From 100% when i leave home at 8:30am I still have at least 60% when I get home at 6pm after heavy use.
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    03-23-12 06:12 PM