1. MCMXCIII's Avatar
    So, my dad ordered my 8900 Curve last night for next day delivery from O2 (I'm not 18 yet, so can't take out/ renew the contract in my name). I've had a few Winmo phones before, figured Blackberry may be a good choice for the upgrade. Anyhow, they didn't turn up. Not that I'm majorly bothered by that fact... there are delays and all, I realize that so even though I rushed home, I kinda already knew there was a possibility it may not come today. So instead I decided I would ring up O2 to find out where my order was (purely because my dad hadn't asked for an order code to be able to track it because he "didn't feel it necessary") much to my dismay, so a very long phone call ensued. After hearing the hold tune countless times (to the extent where I pretty much know it off by heart) I was finally told that the order hadn't even been placed and that the phone my mum had ordered along with mine wasn't even in stock... So there we go... apparently my Curve is supposed to arrive tomorrow, yet I don't hold much hope...

    *rant over*
    03-04-09 01:51 PM
  2. zhelf's Avatar
    i know how you feel i too am very impatient i wouldnt have called but i def can understand how you feel.
    03-04-09 02:02 PM
  3. ilovemileyyy's Avatar
    I has a terrible experience with Sprint when I was first supposed to
    get my Berry, so I know how you feel. I had to wait another day!
    03-04-09 02:46 PM