08-02-14 03:13 PM
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    BlackBerry needs to advertise it's unique selling positions a lot more!

    The hub

    I experienced that most people just don't know BlackBerry also offers consumer smartphones!

    Since the launch of BlackBerry10 I accomplished to persuade !8! People to use BlackBerry10 (family, friends..)!

    Not a single one is complaining or regretting his choice! We've put up a little BlackBerry community down here in south Germany and everyone is advertising BlackBerry as hell!

    Posted on CB 10 and typed on the best Keyboard ever
    Blackberry can't advertise security. If they could have then they would have at least mentioned security in their ads. The reason they can't is because ads are driven at the consumer, not the corporate entity. A BB10 phone isn't secure unless its using BES, which the vast majority of everyday consumers are not.
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    08-02-14 03:13 PM
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