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    Hello ,

    I am a (un)happy mac user who would like to share my experience and some advise to the hellish experience of upgrading my Blackberry curve 8900 . To skip to the main part , please scroll down to very bottom .

    My curve arrived on Friday and it was loaded with 4.6.101 and I wanted to put the latest .168 avaialable naturally , so I just fired parallel desktop , install windows , download desktop manager 4.7 and the file , it said connecting to boot and then the machine restarted.

    I downloaded crackmem , tried a wipe again machine restarts

    I downloaded jre tool , and with the balls on my head , WIPE the machine and now I have the famous 537 : Please reload software.

    My Pin detected , but still same thing , i tried firing through loader.exe , but still connecting to boot rom and restart !!

    I read and I read and I read , figured someone tried the same thing and the culprit was parallel desktop , I download vmware , and the meter went forwad,this time beyond boot rom but still updating ramdisk and yet again , berry boots boots boots restarts !!

    I was so terrified imagine my brand new berry and all this. In my despair I tried one last thing I got up fired up bootcamp assistand did a brand new installation and wallah upgrade in less than 15 minutes.

    PLEASE people use bootcamp to install firmware if ur berry is giving problems. Virtual machines maybe shared usb hubs or something , but I hope my experience will save other mac users a lot of time.

    Take care

    Best Regards,
    Prashant Maheshwari
    03-22-09 11:25 PM