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  1. OTCHRussell's Avatar
    So I go on my contacts, click favorites, and it's a bunch of circles in random order. I always had the most important ones on top and could move them around as needed.
    These won't budge!! Am I missing something?

    06-22-18 11:21 AM
  2. OTCHRussell's Avatar
    two days later it cured itself !!!
    06-23-18 12:29 PM
  3. OTCHRussell's Avatar
    So it keeps happening and I don't know what to do! One day fine, the next day like this:
    HELP!! I've tried rebooting.
    Attached Thumbnails Love the new calendar, but what happened to contacts?-dtek60-contacts-screenshot_20180628-.jpg  
    06-28-18 11:18 AM
  4. OTCHRussell's Avatar
    Should this be moved to help? Sorry.
    06-28-18 03:00 PM
  5. OTCHRussell's Avatar
    06-29-18 03:52 PM

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