1. chrispmoto's Avatar
    Hi. I have had my phone for a few months now. All I want to say is that I LOVE IT !! Sure, there were a few small glitches, the BIS glitch, my headphone stopped working in one ear, but they are all dealt with, and I am thrilled with the Bold.
    If I had to go to the store today for a new phone, I would still buy a new Blackberry Bold !!
    11-21-11 12:55 PM
  2. tkwolf's Avatar
    i think the 9900 is amazing, but again the only reason why im not fully convinced with it would be the glitches. all new and already have some glitches? are u thinkin of maybe getting a different 9900?
    11-22-11 05:24 AM
  3. Jake2826's Avatar
    Welcome to the Bold Owners Club. I love mine too.
    11-22-11 04:12 PM