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    First let me say I'm sure this issue doesn't have anything to do with my BB. Just want to toss it out here because I find it interesting.

    Last night I got home and discovered my Torch wasn't connecting to my home WiFi. Dug deeper and my PB wasn't connecting either. Then saw my wife's iPhone 4 wasn't connecting. My Nook isn't connecting.

    We have 3 laptops between us, and all three are connecting. The phones and PB all show the saved WiFi Network, and the signal strength is good. But they all fail to obtain an IP address.

    Anyone know why laptops would continue to connect while other devices fail to connect? I started thinking it may have something to do with the mobile devices leaving the WiFi area then returning, but that doesn't make sense since the laptops are closed during the day and would also disconnect and need to reconnect once opened.

    We're on ATT Uverse with a 2WIRE and the 2nd highest available data rate - 18Mb/s. Haven't ever had a previous problem with any WiFi connections and the speed has always rocked, even with all these devices. If we were sucking too much data I would expect the speed to slow, but that isn't the case with the connected devices.

    One more thing: In addition to the above we have 3 Au Pairs here at the moment (2 are visiting). So add two more laptops, an iPod Touch, and one or two additional smartphones to the tally. Don't know if their devices are affected, but it dawned on me that we have a ridiculous amount of electronic devices. American overindulgence at it's finest.
    01-13-12 06:24 AM
  2. Altarocks's Avatar
    Update: I called ATT and they were able to adjust some security settings. I changed security from WEP to WPA2 about 2-3 weeks ago and didn't have any trouble until now. Not sure what caused all mobile devices to get kicked off at the same time. Anyway, I'm still showing WPA2 on my end, so I don't quite know what they adjusted.
    01-16-12 07:06 AM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    Sounds like you just needed to restart your router.
    01-16-12 08:41 AM