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    To make a long story short. Lost my phone during an excursion. Thought it would be gone forever since it fell in a cenote (deep waters in a cave). Had a water proof device on it. Couldn't find it so I had go leave it. Really thought. It sank to the bottom. A day later my gf msgs my through bbm and it somehow was delivered and later it was read.

    Been sending messages to the phone and who ever seems to have has been reading every message. Tried to use blackberry protect on it but I think the person seems to be using wifi and not my mobile network which I put on a freeze. Really wished bB protect worked through wifi. So I can just wipe it.

    So bummed. And January's around the corner too. I really hope they don't mess with my phone. Had so many personal information on there.

    Anyone know what I should do about my lost/stolen phone??
    08-08-12 11:59 PM
  2. darkmanx2g's Avatar
    So your phone was not locked at all? You have a blackberry that has no passcode?
    08-09-12 04:05 AM
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    I'd recommend calling the A_Team to recover your berry. Either that or buy another. But in regards to what you can do, not a darn thing. If your carrier does not process a pin block with RIM the BB can be used rather easily by anyone.

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    08-09-12 05:27 AM