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    So as of sunday the worst thing can happen to a blackberry user, i've lost mine

    I have 1 good thing, i know where it is...or sort of...

    I was hunting and i dropped it it either fell out on 1 of a few key places, 1 of 2 places i hopped out of the truck or 1 of 2 places i hopped a fence. or worse yet along the long walk i took through the field.

    One benefit from that walk was i had my GPS logging my tracks, i usually turn it off...

    I was already thinking about picking up a metal detector for years. and i'm curious on my chances of it being picked up by one.

    Anyone's thoughts on the plausibility of it being "detected"

    I had a BB Tour 9630 and the metal detector i was thinking about picking up is at CanadianTire

    VLF Metal Detector
    Product #79-3944-0

    I should also note that i did try calling it as soon as i realized it was gone, but it was -5 C out so it shut off. Also that the importance of the phone is not the phone but the information it contains
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    10-18-11 12:04 AM
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    anyone with a metal detector? see if it picks up there phone?
    10-18-11 01:42 PM
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    Did you have BB Protect activated? That would show the last location on a map before it shut off, I suppose. Should narrow down the search area. But I guess your GPS logging would narrow that down as well.
    10-18-11 01:48 PM
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    Don't quote me on this, but aren't the devices made mainly out of plastic..?
    10-18-11 06:28 PM
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    BB Protect was on it, but i couldn't set it up due to the down time we had for some reason.

    There is allot of plastic, but usually there's shielding on all electronic devices, as well as other types of metal on the PCB and other components. Just curious if this is enough or not? was hoping someone here would have a detector and see if theirs can be read by it.

    on youtube theirs a video titled "Blackberry Tour 9630 Disassembly Tutorial" by wwwcnncn. it shows the innards of the tour with metal parts
    10-18-11 07:36 PM
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    after looking at that video i decided to just go buy the metal detector and see if it could pick up other small electronic devices with mostly plastic parts and some metal, has no problem picking up the following

    Girlfriends phone(samsung old thing)
    PS3/360 Controllers
    Sirius Sportster 5 Radio
    Garmin 440T GPS
    Harmony 880 Remote
    PSP In a heavy Plastic case and under the seat on the couch

    so i'm sure it can pickup the phone, next adventure is coming... wish me luck
    10-19-11 01:28 PM
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    Please record your adventure. This would make a great commercial for why BB Protect is important (or could be used as fuel to the RIM Outage fire...)
    10-19-11 01:44 PM
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    well i got off work right at 5, burned out the highway. Took an hour getting there to the approximate lost location, checked sunlight and it was sunset at 6:06pm, got all set up and started walking, and at 6:24 it started beeping in the tall grass next to the first location we hopped outta the truck, a little digging and there it was! My Phone at last! a little wet, battery completely drained, but intact it was! now to activate BB Protect. Was one week away from buying the iPhone 4S, will see now after Christmas.
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    10-19-11 09:05 PM