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    My significant other unfortunately spilled a glass of whisky and coke on my Bold 9780 which is my work phone given to me by my employer. I only got it approx. 3 months ago. Initially the device turned off but I took the battery out, cleaned it with a damp cloth and let it dry. It now works (well, partially) as it turns on but acts all jittery. The main issues are:

    1. Wifi is broken, when I turn it on sometimes (rarely) it stays on but mostly it just turns on and off repeateadly by itself. This is not a huge issue as I can live without wifi.
    2. 3G is hit and miss, sometimes it connects to 3G and sometimes (most of the time) it doesnt. Thankfully, EDGE seems to work and since all I use it for is work email and other basic things I can even live with EDGE but still annoying.
    3. The main issue is that the battery always shows 1%, with the battery box in red and the orange low battery light blinks all the time even after I let it charge overnight and take it out in the morning. Yesterday, the thing died at about 8PM, I can usually get 3 days out of the thing normally.

    I'm assuming the water has damaged the radios potentially as-well as the battery/charging systems which I think is the main culrpit. Everything else seems to work normal.

    I can always give the device in to tech service at my company but I don't want to be the jackass who screwed up his new work phone the first (my whole team got them at the same time and I am most junior) and since it still partially works I may wait it out for an upgrade but is there anything recommended that I can do as a DIY fix potentially? My girlfriend also has the same phone and her battery does the same thing in my phone and my battery works fine in her phone so I'm quite certain the battery itself isn't the issue. I can also consider giving it in to some third party service place (not through work) and just pay to get it fixed out of my own pocket. I'm in Toronto, Canada if anyone has good recommendations on this or what it may potentially cost? Worst case i'll give it to tech service here eventually if I can't find another solution.
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