1. x.jaymarie's Avatar

    my berry is about to hit against the wall, luckily i love it too much so that's not happening.

    my opera mini, there's something wrong with it, the screen gets shaky and there's always a prompt saying "the application Opera Mini has attempted to access a low-level network connection. blah blah" i dont know if that's normal, because I dont have "low-level network connection" all the time and the screen is shaky!!

    this is making me mad! grrr!

    I can't seem to download twitterberry! why?! both Opera Mini and the BB browser can't open it "error message 500/503"!

    im seriously losing my patience, and the temperature right now... not helping! waaaaaaaaarm!

    im sorry, im a noob and i dont know who else to whine to but to you experts =\
    05-15-08 02:56 AM
  2. cirian75's Avatar
    have you got the apn details right

    Options > Advanced > TCP

    WebMessenger Inc. APN settings

    leave login and password blank
    05-15-08 03:18 AM
  3. cirian75's Avatar
    Also set the permissions right too

    Options > Advanced > Applications > Opera the BB key and Edit persmissions

    set all to allow
    05-15-08 03:21 AM