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    i had a blackberry and have recently purchase a non-bb phone. wife still had a bb. i loved my bb and didn't move away for any "personal" issues with the bb platform. just wanted to try out something new.

    at any rate, i like the new phone an all, but my company only permits mobile email access via bb. while the new phone supports activesync/exchange, i can't get it to talk to the exchange server and tech support won't even talk to me since i'm not on a corporate issues bb.

    i could pull my mail fine before through BIS.

    i wonder if there's a way to have my wifes bb pull my email and then auto forward to me on a gmail account or something so i could still, at least, view my work email.

    any ideas? i looked for a forward option in BIS and didn't see one so wonder if maybe i could do it on the phone itself.

    05-02-10 04:54 PM