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    Although I am not a criminal or anything similar, I feel concerned about my privacy and about the fact that law enforcement agencies can track my phone and the location thereof. Since I can't deactivate E911 via the software, I'm going to do so via the hardware. Does anybody know where the E911 GPS/A-GPS antenna is located on the BlackBerry Bold 9650? I am very well aware that removing it will void my warranty. Also, will my phone be able to properly connect to CDMA and GSM networks after the GPS antenna has been removed? I know that after having removing the antenna, GPS and VZ navigator will be useless. Please do not comment about the police needing E911 to "protect" and "save" me in the event of an emergency.

    Thank you.

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    11-06-11 07:36 PM
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    Perhaps I wasn't clear when I closed your previous thread. This type of discussion is not permitted here no matter how you word it.
    11-06-11 07:43 PM