1. ead128's Avatar
    So one of my friends just got the new LG View and it has that mediaFLO live Mobile TV on it. I thought it was kinda cool. Does anyone know if its available on any BB phone? If so what model and with what carrier?

    05-18-08 01:04 AM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    Vu... and no, only the LG Vu and Samsung Access have Mobile TV.

    No berry is capable nor is that even something I've heard to be in the works.
    05-18-08 01:05 AM
  3. ead128's Avatar
    Would anyone like this feature on their BB? I think it would be a cool add.
    05-18-08 01:10 AM
  4. HD123's Avatar
    ya of course.... i was expecting it seeing as how rim took so long to release a 3G GSM handset. It cant be that difficult because every low end to high end 3G device is capable of it. For you guys its the carriers that are limiting it to specific device. I have watched mobile TV on numerous devices ranging from Nokias, to Sony Erickson's to Samsungs and Windows mobile pda's.
    First no video calling and now no mobile TV on the Bold......... have I been waiting all this time for nothing....... I wanted to stop carrying 2 phones around.
    05-18-08 01:20 AM
  5. Duvi's Avatar
    Actually, we have AT&T Video and now Mobile TV. Only those two devices I mentioned are capable of Mobile TV. Most 3g devices can do the "Video"
    05-18-08 01:25 AM
  6. HD123's Avatar
    Ya Jayden, I am talking about Live Mobile TV..... every 3G device should be capable of it.
    For whatever reason AT&T is limiting it to those devices for you guys.
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    05-18-08 01:29 AM
  7. Duvi's Avatar
    It's not just 3g for AT&T's mobile TV. It's hardware and software.
    05-18-08 02:00 AM
  8. HD123's Avatar
    That sucks. Why they make it so difficult. Our mobile TV runs off whatever streaming media player the device has.
    Its really silly considering that you guys are limited to a few handsets because of your carrier and out of those limited handsets your are limited again to a few for mobile tv. But we can use whatever handsets we want and they are still supported. Here all devices are unlocked and sold by the manufacturer. Blackberries are the first devices to ever be sold here ''sim locked''.
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    05-18-08 02:57 AM