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    I love to listen to Lex and Terry radio show, but I'm not always around my computer or a radio. I have the full data package on my pearl and am on the Edge network; I just do not have the correct codex, i would assume, for the Blackberry to be able to play the streaming audio. They are online from 5Am (EST) - 11Am (EST) on Lex and Terry.com. I can access this through my phone but when it goes to stream the audio it says it cannot because of the file type. Didn't know if there was some sort or program I could get to make this work?
    Any suggestions would be great!
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    11-24-08 11:06 AM
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    Im not sure if this will help you out but you can try Orb. Google it. I have never used it but alot of people say it works for them. I think you install orb on your computer or make an account or something. Then you login to your radio station and let orb play it. Then you go to the orb website and login from your phone.....hopefully someone else that uses can chime in.
    11-24-08 12:47 PM
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    Welcome to Moodio! | Moodio

    seems to be the oly option for us Lex and Terry Fan's
    04-09-09 03:50 PM
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    If you can get that station on moodio then you are all set. If not try this:

    You can use two free skype accounts (but you'll have to purchase a skype program like im+skype, or wait another month until skype release the freeware for blackberrys next month.)

    1. set your radio player on your desktop to to the station you want and start playing it.

    2. set your sound device to record from your stereo mixer (this will direct all sound from your stereo mixer to anything that hears your microphone, like, for example, the skype desktop software.)

    3. Set the skype desktop software to auto answer calls just from whatever skype account you use on the BB.

    4. Call your desktop skype account from your bb skype account. You'll hear the station playing. You can aslo mute your microphone on your BB so you don't interupt the stream with heavy breathing or or other noice being picked up by your phone.
    04-09-09 04:20 PM