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    OK so here is my problem (actually its my brothers problem).
    He has a pearl 8100. Lets start from the beginning... When he does a battery pull an error message saying "Uncaught exception: ApplicationRegistry.waitFor(0xac3ae76427d17f19) timeout".. shows up?!?!?

    Second issue is his browser icon is completly gone...

    next, when he goes to pull up a picture is say that it is unable to display file...

    he is getting really irritated with the phone because of these problems but i know that if it was working properly he would love it as much as i love mine...

    also the bluetooth wont work... i assume that all these problems are connected, i could be wrong....

    He has talked to At&t several times and apparently he talked to an ***** everytime because they all say they dont know and they are not familar with the blackberry software... Also they had him wipe the hand held but it didnt do anything...

    Help would be much appreciated!!


    I'm thinking the service book needs to
    06-15-08 10:01 PM
  2. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Sounds like you need a fresh install of the OS??

    Everything seems to be bugging out on you... so I would recommend doing that. There should be a version for DL on ATT website.
    06-15-08 10:06 PM
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    Oh ya i forgot to mention he said it didnt start until he downloaded the bb software on his computer and hooked it up to it... he also redownloaded it off bb website and it didnt help...
    06-15-08 10:10 PM
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    I suspect that some really strange thing happened to corrupt the OS. Obtaining the OS for that model from the carrier and installing it should restore the phone to its factory state. So if you want pics and such hopefully you have backups of that stuff just in case those files got corrupted somehow. If after reinstalling the OS the problems still occur it could be s fault in the hardware of the phone, but I'd think it more likely to just need the reinstall.

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    06-15-08 11:58 PM