02-28-10 11:21 PM
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  1. E.2da.D's Avatar
    Is it possible to use radio apps (iheart/slacker) with the fm transmitter? Also, are you able to plug your BB into the fm transmitter via the headphone jack instead of always using Bluetooth (thinking battery life here)?
    Hey thanks I really believe you were on my head LOL... battery life is IMPORTANT, college student on a budget; FM transmitte $40-$70, idk know how much the T-3?? motorola bluetooth, that just sounds pricey. I spent almost $80 on a bluetooth headset (motorola brand) Sound i could only imagine..
    02-24-10 01:45 AM
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    Hello all,

    I've read all the posts here and no one brings up the point that you can not talk on the phone. You can hear just fine when connected through headphone jack. Is there anyway to setup where you can hear through the headphone jack but still talk through the mic on phone? I have been using the audio cassette adapter for sometime now. The tape player did, unbelievably, come in my 2003 Windstar with a cd player. Thank you
    You can if you put it on speakerphone...

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    02-28-10 11:21 PM
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