12-20-10 09:18 PM
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  1. H_D's Avatar
    Saw this over at Pinstack :

    The Free App and Personalized Services That Give Cell Phones iPhone Features Plus GPS, Navigation, Location Messaging and More Now Work with RIM Devices

    Building on the success in the one-billion-units-per-year Java phone market, RoadComm, Inc. today made available its LifeInPocket mobile suite to RIM's BlackBerry smart phones.

    Free of charge, LifeInPocket will upgrade BlackBerries with a greater array of functionality than the iPhone. Those features include GPS, navigation, location messaging, friends/family locator, and much more.

    With little or no learning curve, no hardware or software to buy, and no binding contracts, LifeInPocket effectively transcends the iPhone.

    LifeInPocket offers one of the most advanced turn-by-turn navigation prompts with voice guidance. That modality allows for far-safer, hands-free navigation. Utilizing synced address book and its unique online trip planning tool, LifeInPocket Navigation virtually eliminated the need for typing on tiny keyboards and surpassed those expensive phone navigation services and personal navigation devices available today.

    Much more powerful than SMS, parents/friends will find great use in LifeInPocket's Cross-Platform and Cross-Network instant location messaging, family/friends locator and a host of related peace-of-mind and social functions using phones or PCs.

    Unlike iPhone's limited sync capability, LifeInPocket enables address book sync/import/export with Yahoo!, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop, etc. Users can one-click on those synced contacts to "call," to "mail" and to "navigate" via their phones.

    Besides maps, weather, PIM, traffic report, parking, roadside assistance and WiFi hotspots, LifeInPocket offers a GPS/address-based directory with more than 15 million points of interest (POIs). Not only with the most comprehensive POIs database, LifeInPocket users can view other visitors' reviews and ratings as recent as minutes ago before venturing to unfamiliar restaurants, car repair shops, towing services or other businesses.

    The only mobile application/services platform of its kind, LifeInPocket symbolizes the next generation of application and services that offer the power of top-of-the-line smart phones to regular cell phones, and make smart phones smarter.

    Welcome to RoadComm LifeInPocket Mobile
    11-29-08 02:46 PM
  2. azbryan's Avatar
    Yeah so did I. That has to be the worst program for anything! It really was horrible. Navigating the program was a nightmare, and don't get me started about the actual website. Horribly jumbled and completely confusing. 4 thumbs DOWN!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-03-08 08:18 PM
  3. BruceRTL's Avatar
    From one Arizonan to another - I agree completely. I checked it out and was not impressed.
    12-04-08 07:33 PM
  4. BruceRTL's Avatar
    I don't think you guys really tried that! I have been using it since April and I used to use the full feature one on my old Nokia. It's so easy to use and better than those paid apps such as Telenav.<BR>
    It offers the capability to import from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook ... addredd book and you can click to navigate.
    The web based planning tool allows "click and go"
    I did try it. I feel I gave it a fair try but it just seemed kludgey to me. Not my cup of tea but I'm glad it's working for you. Good luck with it.
    01-02-09 05:38 PM
  5. RockAndRollAcdc's Avatar
    downloaded it and can't get the gps to work. GPS on BBM works just fine so i know my phone GPS works
    01-04-09 04:36 PM
  6. beeray's Avatar
    I tried it and it locked the satellites quickly. The problem is that it didn't speak the name of the street where I should turn. It did say turn right etc, but not the name. I would hate to take my eyes off the road to watch a cell phone.

    05-26-09 11:02 PM
  7. Snarfler's Avatar
    thing makes me feel stupid (yeah, I know you CB'ers are itching at the opportunity to call someone stupid, go for it) , can't figure out how to enter an address and have it tell me how to get there.
    06-11-09 11:46 AM
  8. Snarfler's Avatar
    I was confused by the terminology, didn't realize I had to enter a destination as a new contact, even if in a LIP only contact, and didn't know to click on the address after I had saved the address as a contact in order to get the take me there option.

    On mine, I can't multitask it. If I try to jump back to the home screen, say by holding the BB button, if I pick anything other than LIP, it exits LIP before going there. Is that the nature of it, or am I doing something wrong?
    06-11-09 04:47 PM
  9. jwolfe99's Avatar
    "by holding the BB button" I am not sure about that. It seems BB OS would pop up an app list in any app this way. You can probably jump from other app to LifeInPocket this way. I think multi-tasking is controlled by OS, not by app.

    What I did was press BB key then press Home.

    I have seem several apps won't let you close and always running on the background to suck up power and memory. LifeInPocket seems to be so far so good.
    Just installed it had a little problem on the web site registering, missed the first letter on phone may be in caps part so had to re-register in order to get the phone to log me in.. Still have to take it through the paces but so far it looks promising..

    06-11-09 06:56 PM
  10. FF22's Avatar
    I don't know the Storm but on other BB's, you can press the ALT-key and the BACK key together and it will show all running apps and allow you to scroll to one of them, release the buttons and you are back in the app. (actually, generally when you do this, it is usually on the last/prior app that you were using before so it is easier to move between two open apps).
    06-11-09 07:48 PM
  11. Snarfler's Avatar
    "by holding the BB button" I am not sure about that. It seems BB OS would pop up an app list in any app this way. You can probably jump from other app to LifeInPocket this way. I think multi-tasking is controlled by OS, not by app.
    That's what I tried, press the BB key till the app switcher popped up, picked another app. In that app, popped up the application switcher, but lip wasn't there anymore, had to go back, wade through finding my previously saved contacts and start over. Not a biggie, just didn't expect that.

    It looks like a cool app with a lot of capability. Unfortunately for me, my storm seems to be flaky since I loaded it, even touchscreen not responding kinds of probs, so either it it behaving atypical for me, or I have some other problem that makes it not work well, so i'm going to uninstall for now, may come back to it if I can verify it's not a cause. I don't mean to be pissing on the app, it does seem like a great tool, just not a match for me right now.
    06-11-09 10:00 PM
  12. Powdah's Avatar
    It would be nice if a map would be shown with navigation. It is a little weird being told to turn without knowing how the turn looks.
    06-12-09 11:22 AM
  13. emiwee's Avatar
    I want to download OTA but I am not receiving the sms text with the OTA link. then when i try to type the .jad file into the address bar as instructed by LifeinPocket website, I get an error that this webpage doesnt exist. I'm on verizon and I have enough memory. I've downloaded google maps successfully so I dont see what I'm missing here.
    06-20-09 01:41 PM
  14. emiwee's Avatar
    I've tried both the OTA way and the PC way. There must be some setting on my phone preventing me from receiving the sms message. I emailed the .jad link to myself then copied it into the address window of my browser [set to firefox]-but I get an HPT404 error message stating the web page cannot be found.

    I downloaded the alx and cod files to load the app via desktop manager, but when I try to load the app via desktop manager by browsing and selecting the alx file, I get an error message stating there are no new applications to install.

    Could the issue be that I am on the verizon network or that I have to change my phone's settings?

    Any other suggestions?
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    06-21-09 11:15 AM
  15. coldsolace's Avatar
    I have an unlocked curve 8310 on Tmobile.... I have lifeinpocket installed, and can access their website on my PC. But for some reason, when I try to login on my phone, it keeps saying network is temporarally unavailable.

    I've made sure my user name and password are matching (auto upper-case on the phone, etc) but to no avail. Is the network really down or is the fact that I'm using an unlocked phone coming into play here? I really would like to give this app a shot.

    *EDIT* Fixed the issue. My T-Mobile TCP settings were incorrect. Was still showing ATT
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    07-11-09 07:50 PM
  16. gpo1956's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem and I am using an unlocked Bold. How are the settings supposed to be set?
    07-12-09 01:31 PM
  17. ace587's Avatar
    i like this app, everything downloaded fine, i have yet to try it on the road but it quickly locked on satellites probably in 15-20 seconds
    07-24-09 09:38 AM
  18. Lynda33's Avatar
    It would be nice if a map would be shown with navigation. It is a little weird being told to turn without knowing how the turn looks.
    I agree. This finds stuff well but I would like to have a map shown ap I can see where the **** its taken me. I'm hoping they come out with a little newer version and have that feature because its a big one
    07-24-09 10:57 AM
  19. 328iGuy's Avatar
    I used to use Telenav, it trapped me in the middle of the road when I drove to Las Vegas and never work reliably when I drive a little bit out of my area. Bought Garmin's $100 app while it's only worse and drain battery even faster.

    This the only Nav app taking me from point A to point B without any glitch for months. Most importantly, it's turning voice instructions are very precise so it's pretty much hands and eyes free for me. A lot of time, I simply leave it in my pocket during navigation.
    This is very positive feedback, thanks.

    I just installed it and will try it out on my way home from the office on my 9700 Bold.
    12-09-09 02:59 PM
  20. Corpsman112's Avatar
    When you go into the GPS or NAV feature there are a lot of things to choose from, but what if the thing you want to navigate to is not a search criteria? I was trying to find a middle school to get navigation but "schools" was not a category to search for. Does anyone know how to search for something, then navigate to it? The search feature will open Google Maps, but once there, there isn't an option to use LIP to navigate to what you searched for.
    01-17-10 01:23 AM
  21. FF22's Avatar
    I may recall incorrectly, but some gps manufacturers reduced or diluted info on schools to avoid aiding potential predatory behaviors. I think I remember a thread on that in one of the tomtom forums a few years back.
    01-17-10 10:05 AM
  22. Corpsman112's Avatar
    That would be a pretty stupid thing to do. Believe me, there is no way that is going to have any affect on pedophiles.
    01-17-10 02:30 PM
  23. johnlambert's Avatar
    You can enter any search criteria. I think it's the first item in nearby search. You can type whatever you like.

    I used it to find a rarely known private club at Vegas while Poynt business search didn't come up anything.
    01-19-10 01:58 AM
  24. Corpsman112's Avatar
    So let's say I wanted to find something that didn't come up in its own search. How would I be able to find it, then navigate to it? And why is it having such a hard time with GPS when I can run three other GPS programs that have no trouble finding me?
    01-19-10 02:30 AM
  25. RoadComm Beta Team's Avatar
    It's March 2010 already. This thread started more than one year ago (November, 2008) which was probably our private beta 0.220 but LifeInPocket is at BETA Release 0.710 now which is a very different and much more powerful app.

    Corpsman, the Business Search feature is not under Navigation icon. It's under GPS and MyLoc icons.

    Search Nearby Business > Wal-Mart

    This will come up with Wal-Marts nearby, select one of them then press "Take me there" and our lady will guide you there by voice directions.

    You can also "Enter Custom Search Criteria" to enter "school" or "Corpsman private golf club" to search.

    Our navigation is designed for local and casual use, if you are planning a long distance trip we recommend you to use it with Google/BB maps and plan your trip in advance.

    Edit: For your convenience, you can keep Google/BB Maps running in parallel with LifeInPocket navigation for easy maps access. LifeInPocket can run for days with single battery charge. Leaving Google/BB maps running on background may drain battery quickly. LifeInPocket lasts up to 15 hours of continuous GPS navigation with one battery charge while somer nav apps may drain out battery within one hour.

    We don't mean to replace dedicate GPS navigation computers but all of our employees, contractors, family and many users are using it everywhere and loving it.

    If you have and beta feedback, please sign-in to https://www.lifeinpocket.com/html/ to provide your feedback of report a bug . (This is a requirement in our beta user agreement which you have agreed when you sign-up.) We would like to take this opportunity to thank our beta users for your valuable inputs to make LifeInPocket such a strong product.

    You can also find some commonly asked question and answers at LifeInPocket Mobile Suite for BlackBerry FAQ

    What’s LifeInPocket?
    LifeInPocket is the only life enrichment app/services.
    LifeInPocket home page has 15 icons (16 for Storm and Storm2)
    Icons are color coded:
    - Blue: 8 icons for location and GPS based services
    - Green: 2 icond for Personal Services
    - Sky blue: 4 icons for Media and web
    - Red: System function and settings

    Icons with satellite images are GPS based services
    OTA link for BlackBerry browser download http://lifeinpocket.com/html/dlip.jad
    Mobile page: Life In Pocket - Enrich your life by GPS
    Home page (PC only): LifeInPocket GPS Mobile Application & Services - Your life in your pocket
    Below TMCnet article gives you some overview.
    CES Participants Gets Free Traveling Tools from LifeInPocket
    By Carolyn J Dawson, TMCnet Contributor January 08, 2010
    Attendees of the Consumer Electronics Show for the first time can leave their notebook PC behind instead of carrying it through airport security. RoadComm, Inc. reportedly announced the availability of the advanced LifeInPocket mobile suite, to CES (News - Alert) attendees.
    Provided free of cost, LifeInPocket bestows a greater degree of functionality to BlackBerrys than any smart phone. The added list of features include GPS, voice navigation, local listing/reviews, satellite map, location messaging, friends/family locator, street view, Twitter, e-mail, IMs, Facebook,MySpace ( News - Alert), LinkedIn, YouTube, cheap gas finder, news, video, traffic, local events music, movies, local events, TV guide, weather, finance, banking, sports, flights, magazines, fashions, transportation, travel, yellow/white pages, dictionary, translation, the Bible and much more instant information and services.
    LifeInPocket also incorporates one of the most cutting edge turn-by-turn navigation instructions with useful voice guidance. By making use of synced address book,BlackBerry ( News - Alert) address book and its unique online trip planning tool, LifeInPocket Navigation completely does away with the requirement for typing on miniscule keyboards. It is also far superior to other expensive phone navigation services available in the market currently.
    CES attendees will now be equipped with the world's only personalized GPS/address-based local search that has more than 15 million points of interest. They can also go through other visitors' reviews and ratings which have been uploaded just minutes before getting into new restaurants, car repair shops or other businesses using voice navigation during the conference.
    Much more robust than traditional SMS, CES attendees can transmit their GPS locations in real time with a message to family/friends to bring peace of mind and be better connected with them. Other than mobile features, almost all the services that are used daily with a PC are available with LifeInPocket.
    The only mobile application/services platform of its kind, LifeInPocket paves the way ahead for the next generation of application and services by offering the power of expensive smart phones to regular cell phones, making smart phones even more functional and giving BlackBerrys the ultimate position to reign.

    LifeInPocket supports US only at this moment; services for other countries are under development.
    Disclaimer: I am with RoadComm, Inc. the maker of LifeInPocket and a leader in Telematics technologies
    Last edited by RoadComm Beta Team; 03-04-10 at 02:35 AM.
    03-03-10 01:52 PM
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