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    First off I want to say that I have been a fan of the site for a few years now and appreciate the dedication and effort that goes into it. I got the opportunity today to chat with the regional rep for RIM at a Futureshop in Ottawa. He was very open to chat and helpful in his answers. One example if this is that I mentioned that I was having trouble downloading the latest OS update for my Playbook getting the message that it was 'interrupted'. He popped out his laptop, hooked up my PB and bingo diagnosed the problem (low memory due to playbook not deleting massive video from memory despite me pressing delete) and fixed it right up. I also mentioned that I was trying unsuccessfully to find a working Torch 9860 to play around with and ding, out comes one that I played with for 20 minutes. During this time he was talking to the Futureshop rep who was saying that they have been having some hardware issues with the 9900 with a bunch of returns to which he set up a call to someone in Waterloo and had the manager talk directly with RIM ref the problems. He also talked to me about some of my concerns and got me to write an email to him so he could send it up to be followed up. Not really sure what you will do with this but I was impressed at how business was conducted and thought it might be echoed by others in the RIMpire. Also, he was adamant that the battery issues with the 9900 will be fixed with the software update. I have included my email below:
    I want to thank you first of all for answering my questions about the new BlackBerry phones and my Playbook. Your attention to both my questions as well as your dealings with the retailer's reps was professional and your interest on feedback is a sign of a professional company. I was throughly impressed with the Torch 9850 and Bold 9900 and look forward to getting one someday when I can afford it and when my carrier will finally give me an upgrade.

    This is the email to the rep...

    I would also like to followup on some issues that I have been experiencing with vendors and your products. As a small time shareholder and loyal customer, I have been dismayed at the lack of support that vendors have with your phones. Specifically, the issue of dead displays have been a problem at large retailers who are responsible for the maintenance of their displays. When I visit these stores, they are almost always black with all of the phones as well as the playbook having dead batteries. At one Costco (Merivale Rd, Ottawa) I encountered this and, as I always do, stopped to address this with the sales rep. I was told by the rep that it is because the BlackBerry is notorious for being faulty and that it never works for them. This is what he then told to the customer behind me.
    While I consider myself an informed mobile consumer, the average consumer does not understand nor care that the display is the retailer's responsibility. All they see is that the BlackBerry products are not working while the Android, Windows, and iOS products are working right next to them. I believe that this is directly responsible for lost sales. In conjunction with this I have yet to see a working OS7 phone on display either at a large retail store such or a wireless provider. While I'm certain that some stores somewhere have them for public display, the reality is that they are not prevalent which again does not support the company during this crucial global launch. In fact the only time that I have been able to get my hands on a working model has been if the employee themselves have one and shows it to me. Perhaps an understanding can be worked out in which RIM sends major retailers as well as wireless providers working models to have and keep at launch for public displays. There is definitely a lot of buzz about the new phones, particularly the Bold 9900, but other than a successful social media promotion, there is little to wow the potential costumer in the store.
    Some other suggestions I have surrounds the Playbook. The first is that I think RIM should capitalize on a known symbol such as the BlackBerry options found by pressing the BB button on the phones. The gestures are genius and could be better served by having one bring up a menu similar or better yet identical to the menu brought up by the BB button. One of the major features separating the BB from other platforms is the variety of options available with any program or screen on the phones and I think should be a priority carried over as the company transitions to the QNX platform. I don't think its any surprise that native email and the Android app player are going to be critical in selling the device to the non traditional BlackBerry user. I'm sure the company is working hard on it and they will release it as soon as possible. Please also follow up on simple items such as universal spell check and maybe a split keyboard for landscape thumb typing.
    I don't want this email to be all negative. While I do have some issues with the current products, the fact remains that I have switched to a BlackBerry because it is hands down the best platform out there period. I have done my research and know that behind the display, BlackBerry is a platform unlike any other. I love having the availability of so many options to do a particular task, I love the security, I love reliability and I love the logical manner in which I can navigate, communicate and multi-task without rival. I have deployed overseas with the military and have had one with me trusting it with both mine and my team's life to work and work securely. Perhaps it is this quality that has cemented me as a loyal user more than any other.
    BlackBerry loyalists will continue to keep themselves informed about the latest product launches but I feel that RIM is not capturing the 'on the fence' mobile consumer who more often than not, comes to the store after work and browses the displays for a new phone, only to find a substandard or non existant RIM display and instead goes for the other one. RIM has and is making a push to capture the increasingly blended business and consumer market and while I firmly believe that they have the best product, marketing errors have been the main reason for lackluster sales in North America. Thank you for your time.
    09-02-11 07:41 AM
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    plz could you give his email or someone in charge at RIM I wanna convey to him our problem with HTML emails that unsupported from our service provider
    09-02-11 08:52 AM