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    I wiped my BB last night and took note of the free memory before the wipe. 123.6 free. Then right after I wiped and installed the OS, I checked and memory and saw that it was 119.5. I did a batery pull and checked again and it was still 119.5. Then I restored and the free memory went to 122.6. Can someone tell me why the fluctuation in free memory and why there'd be more free mem after the restore? Just curious.
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    Depends on what you wiped, vs what you loaded. Also depends on how long you were booted up, before you looked at your file free. There's what apps start at open to consider, and I'm not sure WTF you mean when you say restore. Could you explain that one to me. If it's restoring a back up, and you booted without the back up the first time, these numbers can only make sense if you're looking at the total memory used, and not the file free.

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