1. jimbyjimb's Avatar
    Hello out there! I've had my Pearl now for about 3 months, but am now really beginning to use it to it's potential. I've been reading the "BlackBerry 101" classes. Very informative. I just have a couple questions. I just bought a SanDisk 8GB microSDHC card for my 8100. I wanted to know if anybody has used these larger cards with a Pearl yet, and if so, do they work? It's coming in the mail, so I guess I should have asked BEFORE I bought, I'm just not that smart. My Creative Zen broke, and I didn't want to spend the dough on an mp3 player, so I thought a bluetooth stereo headset and the biggest memory card I could find for my BlackBerry would be the way to go, especially since it's nice to have more capability with less hardware. This is the Leatherman of phones. Love em both. Thanks guys, and I'm looking forward to this new world of convienence I'm on the tip of discovering. Great website.

    01-30-08 09:15 PM
  2. chinesecatt's Avatar
    Hi Jim,

    The 8100 doesn't support 8gb microSD as of yet. Currently the only BB device that you can use this memory card in, are the 8120s and 8130s.

    I would suggest, refuse your order and request for a refund. Another option is exchange it to a 2GB and just upgrade capacity once your device supports it.. or should I say, WHEN it supports it.
    01-30-08 09:26 PM
  3. jimbyjimb's Avatar
    Is it possible that the larger card will only read 2GB when installed until it's updated to read the full 8?
    01-30-08 10:11 PM