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    Hello, first time poster here. So a couple weeks ago I changed my oil with my Blackberry 8520 in my pocket and ended up breaking the display. I ordered a "new" one on ebay and just got it in yesterday. My display works now but the keypad lights do not work. Here are my questions:

    - I ran a test from the options menu and the light sensor is stuck on 1023 (0 is pitch black) no matter what light level it is in. I assume this would indicate a defective sensor, would it not?

    - The display I got off of ebay was obviously used. It is my understanding that the led light in the display is also the light sensor. Does this mean my "new" display is defective of could there be something wrong elsewhere?

    - The keypad backlight also did not come on in test mode (Settings>Options>Status>type TEST). I know the light works because it comes on when booting up (after pulling battery) but that is it. Would this be related to the light sensor issue? I assumed that the keypad backlight test was to check the light only and remove the sensor from the equation??

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
    09-15-10 08:46 AM