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    Hi Kevin,

    Since I did not win on the video contest (I was crushed and started drinking after that - just kidding the competitor videos just blew mine away they did a great job - but thanks for the $25.00 consolation price. I already used it to purchase something on CB and got it.)

    I really don't believe the BBX phone will come by Q3 but sooner. I hope it is by the end of Q1 so I have a question and a suggestion.

    What do you think? Since they have a working prototype now. How long does it take to go to production? How long does carrier certification take? What else can we expect?

    How about some kind of contest, not as fancy as the video contest, but just a pool to see who can guess what the release date is?

    I think it looks cool and I like the swipe on my Playbook but I don't see myself giving up my Bold 9930. However, I think my wife (she does not have a BB - I still love her though) would go for this phone so I look forward to its release.

    Easy to say hard to implement probably but just a thought.
    11-16-11 09:10 AM