View Poll Results: Should there be an option for the 9800 screen to not time out

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  • yes

    3 37.50%
  • no

    0 0%
  • depends on application

    4 50.00%
  • not in GPS mode

    1 12.50%
  1. toothbro's Avatar
    The 9800 screen seems to time out after max 2 minutes after which it goes dark. I enjoy the GPS/Mapping feature but am annoyed at having to press a key every 2 min. to bring the screen back up. Is there a work around?
    (Note RIM should have left an "always on" option available in the options menu)!
    10-14-10 11:11 PM
  2. IchigoMochi's Avatar
    I'm fairly sure there are a couple apps for this out there. I can't say anything about how well they work or if they work at all. I know that if you put the Torch into a cradle in your car and plug it into the charger it'll known it's in a cradle and I believe it'll stay on while you're driving around.

    I agree with you though. It'd be nice to have an option to do this or alternatively GPS apps should include it as an option like Trapster does.
    10-14-10 11:21 PM
  3. jeffreii's Avatar
    10-15-10 07:38 AM
  4. Altarocks's Avatar
    AT&T Navigator does have this built in. You can select either sreen "on all time" or "on at turns". Pretty slick - I leave it on all the time when using my car charger or on at turns when I'm not worried about the battery life.

    All mapping apps should really have similar options.
    10-15-10 07:14 PM