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    Hey all ,,

    I have just received this Broadcast and wanted to make sure if this is true or not

    [B]The Message :[B/]

    "Its actually on bbc london news ahhh!
    I have sent the previous BC because I received this BC and wanted to find out about it first before I sent it out. Message from Jim Balsamic (CEO of RIM Blackberry) we have had an over usage of user names on Blackberry Messenger. We are requesting all users to forward this message to their entire contact list. If you do not forward this message, we will take it as your account is invalid and it will be deleted within the next 48 hours. Please DO NOT ignore this message or blackberry will no longer recognise your pin. If you wish to re-activate your account after it has been deleted, a charge of 25.00 will be added to your monthly bill. We are also aware of the issue involving the pictures updates not showing. We are working diligently at fixing this problem and it will be up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.
    BlackBerry about To Lose A lot Of People This is the real broadcast from Blackberry All rights reserved."

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    12-09-10 09:58 AM
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    It's fake. See http://forums.crackberry.com/f40/bbm...n-hoax-562071/
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    12-09-10 10:03 AM
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    Sorry ... Didn't know it has been discussed twice before

    I used my BlackBerry to start the thread, so no suggestions were shown

    Thanx for the quick reply though ;D
    12-09-10 10:24 AM
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    Here's the original post Ahmed, hope this helps clear things up for you. Have a great day!


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    12-09-10 10:40 AM
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    funny i received a very similar message from hotmail this morning: it was asking for your user name and password, birthdate and country. they were claiming too much congestion and due to annonomous registrations. also said if i didn't fill out info, my hotmail would be shut down - weird
    12-09-10 10:41 AM
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    Like hotmail wouldn't already know your username and password? I think in this instance it's people fishing for credit card numbers and emails that may contain them.

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    12-09-10 10:50 AM
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    Jim, would you like some salad with your balsamic?
    12-09-10 10:53 AM