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    I am extremely exciting for RIM and the future. I realise we keep hearing in the 'news' all these negative things about RIM but 99% of the time its just the same stuff reported on things that should barely register as news and end up being spun into something negative. I keep reading this stuff and now its to the point where I'm pretty desensitized to it as it just feels like everyone running around yelling 'the sky is falling' and all the doom and gloom.

    RIMs not going anywhere and I think they would be a successful company for a long time with only BB7. But RIM doesnt just have BB7, they have QNX. Just today I learned about gameplay which is something I'd never even heard of before. I feel this could be a real game-changer, metaphorically and literally but even if its not there are so many things to look forward to like blackberry world, cascades, BB10 phones, BB10 on our PBs, super apps, QNX in cars and all the other stuff RIM is dreaming up that we don't even know about. With all this to come right now I have a BB phone a playbook. Two amazing devices that I use everyday and I plan on using for a long time and that I'm already very impressed and happy with. So back to the title of my post. Is it just me? Am I the only one extremly excited for what RIM will bring in the future?
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    04-24-12 01:22 AM
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    You're not alone Mulder.
    04-24-12 02:00 AM
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    I am cautiously optimistic.
    I agree with you on what I call the "Chicken Little syndrome"... every little thing that happens leads to a dozen different "news stories" on other sites about the doom and gloom that is RIM's inevitable future. After awhile, you realize it's just another blogger trying to get page views through sensationalism and following the crowd.

    Now, that's not to say I'm not realistic. It's a long road back to the top. But, like the song says, "the roller coaster's gotta roll to the bottom, if you wanna climb to the top again".

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    04-24-12 02:22 AM
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    Don't worry its not just you, I too m very excited as to what's in the can for rim. I certainly isn't gonna buy a bb10, not because I hate rim but because I m low on financial resources.

    Secondly, everyone loves a comeback story, isn't it?

    To b brief:-
    Me: Optimistic
    04-24-12 02:32 AM