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    I picked up my new BB torch on Wednesday, I managed to get a replacement SIM card from o2 before they closed and now the phone is up and running
    I have a few questions;
    1. How can I see the email folders (labels) on my device ....I have Google apps account and using google sync and or enhanced gmail plug-in...............not sure as I have tried everything to make this work
    2/. I received my usal morning report from work as a PDF file but when i tried to zoom in it was unreadable, this was not an issue on my iPhone
    3/. My calendars are not showing up on the device, if i create a calendar event on the BB it will show up in gmail but wont show up in outlook if i create a calender event in gmail or outlook they will sync with each other but not with the BB
    4/. Please can someone please give me a step by step instruction on how to set up my BB with email calendars and contacts.................as this is driving me crazy

    Note; I have asked on another BB forum but its like they have given up on me, I have paid for a google apps account as I was told that this is the best way to go, i am willing to pay for another piece of software if need be but I just want to be excited with this new phone but I am not..............I have a 3 month old iPhone4 that keeps looking at me and saying "please take me back and get rid of that other piece of $%#$"............ but I dont want to i bought it to try something different after having apple stuff from day one, and just love the phone but I need it to make some (what I feel are basic functions) and I will keep it and hopefully enjoy it

    01-14-11 12:00 AM