1. neoman1314's Avatar
    After 2 weeks of convincing him to get one my brother bought a BB Pearl 8100 the other night. It finally arrived today, and I've been updating the OS and adding themes and such for him so he has some nice ones when he gets up for school!
    12-15-09 02:44 AM
  2. dicecube's Avatar
    Themes clog up memory

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    12-15-09 02:48 AM
  3. neoman1314's Avatar
    He's a sophomore in high school, yes they do, but the only thing he'll be using it for is texts and calls. He doesn't have much to worry about in the way of memory
    12-15-09 03:03 AM
  4. hondateg91's Avatar
    thats one more person down for BB.
    12-15-09 03:06 AM
  5. bluz's Avatar
    12-15-09 03:15 AM
  6. neoman1314's Avatar
    I've got another younger brother who had previously had an 8100, I'm working on convincing him to get another BB. I think he's going to get an 85xx.
    It makes me happy to convert people to the dark side
    12-15-09 03:17 AM