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    Hello All,

    Left a long time job a few years ago and got a 7250 as a gift. I just activated it for the first time with an unlimited data-only plan (couldn't afford to activate as an unemployed grad student previously and I have a cell phone I don't pay for). Unfortunately the 7250 manual and disk are long gone. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Which version of the desktop software should I download? Do I need 4.3 or is that a waste with this device?
    2. Is there any other updating I need to do (java, etc.)?
    3. Is there any way for me to get to my work e-mail/calendar without IT giving me access to the Blackberry enterprise server. I work for an agency that has Novell GroupWise and only the muckty mucks get connected to the enterprise server. I set up a rule in GroupWise that forwards my mail, but I desperately need to get my GWise calendar on my BB. If I can find out the SMTP and/or IMAP address can I get in? Can I sync the calendar using the USB data cable?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    01-05-08 05:31 PM
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    01-05-08 08:08 PM
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    Thanks John!!
    01-07-08 06:31 PM