1. scorpsrlz's Avatar
    I had a BB 9800 which got wet and stopped working, I managed to get the sd card out from it before getting damaged. But now that I bought a Z10 I cant open the the .rem files, Is there a software to decrypt them, I definitely cant use the 9800 anymore.

    I would really appreciate if you guys can help me on this. I have so many valuable files that I need to recover.

    06-27-14 04:21 PM
  2. Jurky's Avatar
    It depends on which "mode" was used to encrypt the micro sd card. There are three. If you used the "Device Password" mode, you can just put the micro sd card in a different legacy OS BlackBerry (like a Curve, Bold, or 9800), and that device will prompt you for the card's password. If you know the password, you can enter it, and you'll have meaningful access to your files. If you used one of the other two modes to encrypt the card, ("Device Key" or "Device Password & Device Key") the files are likely lost. If you're not sure which mode was used, there's a one in three chance that you used "Device Password," and it's worth a try placing the card in another legacy OS BlackBerry.
    06-27-14 04:40 PM

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