1. ShortStop51001's Avatar
    OK, this isnt a huge deal but a minor issue that is IRKING me!!!

    so i set my led alert in JiveTalk to purple. In Normal sound profile, the Berry with flash like a half flash in purple then jump to red flashing. I check the settings in normal, and on buddy pounce i had just LED flashing, and sent IM i have nothing, and both received IM i have a sound as well as LED light set.

    SOO i did a battery pull, and same thing a quick flash of purple and then only red. So i change the profile to "phone only" and guess what it flashes purple ....i change it to "quiet" and it flashes purple..."off" it flashes purple!! it is DRIVING ME INSANEEE!! i only use the "normal" profile.... What could be up here? The only difference in the profiles on the jivetalk end is on normal besides LED it has a sound alert, and in the others it is LED only...what is the deal?! Someone help please i hate that red light!
    05-26-08 08:54 PM
  2. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    I think it is a minor glitch....Sometimes this happens to me but for the most part it flashes purple. I dont think there is anything you can do about it.
    05-27-08 08:24 AM