1. psr2's Avatar
    Hello, I recently purchased a Blackberry curve 8310, from at&t/cingular. I also have unlimited texting, I have interent on my phone also, BUT i don't have a plan for it. I was wondering if I installed Jivetalk on it, will it charge me? I know i have a 30 day trial,and then I have to pay 20 dollars. I understand that, but since I do not have a interent plan, i was wondering if it would charge me. I researched everywhere and it said Jivetalk runs on your "existing data plan", what exactly is that? Please help me, i tried looking everywhere for a simple answer. thank you
    12-25-07 03:55 PM
  2. castlerock611's Avatar
    You will need some kind of data plan in oder to use jivetalk,as it says"runs on your existing data plan",if you plan on using this app i suggest you add a unlimited data plan for your curve,u can IM away without worrying about going over on data and occuring high overage charges,trust me.
    12-25-07 04:27 PM
  3. silver's Avatar
    you should get the data plan. jive uses data instead of text messages. so if you do use it, the bill may stack up.
    12-26-07 12:05 AM
  4. psr2's Avatar
    Thank you for the replys. Do you know any instand messsanging services, that work with "unlimited texting?".
    and also, what data plan would you suggest?
    12-26-07 01:09 AM
  5. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Yes, OZ Messenger, but that's with T-Mobile!
    12-26-07 07:01 AM
  6. castlerock611's Avatar
    If you plan on using IM more than texting,change and get unlmited data instead and x amount of texts a month,im unaware of any IM apps that use your txt plan instead of data,i see you have att,call to verify if the default IM app uses txt or data as they might be different than tmo.
    12-27-07 11:37 AM