1. cneugebauer's Avatar
    An interview with Jim Balsillie on CNBC starts at 2:00PM ET! Right now David Pogue is talking about a new email device and the 8220. So I figure the interview will be amazing to watch.
    09-11-08 11:56 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    It looked like they bushwacked Jim in the Gym, sweats and all.

    The interview as brief. When asked about the preformance of the stock over the last quarter, Jim replied to the effect... The market will do what the market does.

    He does not concern himself with the day to day variation of the market, but is focused on the big picture.

    First place in the US market with 5 times the share of the next guy.

    CNBC will be posting the entire interview shortly, here is teaser for now.

    RIM CEO Jim Balsillie Sees No Great Threat To BlackBerry - Tech Check with Jim Goldman - CNBC.com
    09-11-08 04:08 PM