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    I'm typing this post on the LAST BLACKBERRY I'LL EVER OWN. With my upgrade coming tomorrow I've spent this whole month contemplating on whether or not I was just going to throw more money(HARD EARNED MONEY) into a company that could care less about its customers happiness (RIM) or whether I was going to finally go out and purchase a smartphone that's actually worth my money. I have been a VERY loyal customer to RIM, owning a Bold 9000, Tour 9630, Bold 9650, and as of Saturday I was going to be the owner of the Torch 9850, but I came across an article on a blog site that stated that RIM would be releasing its "BBX" models next year. What made me mad is the fact that BBX wont run on the current os7 devices, essentially leaving everyone who rushed out to purchase one stuck with an old, out of date, operating system before its even turned a year old and thats just RIMs typical way of getting over on its customers. They release "new" products and operating systems that are so far behind on the "catch-up" trail that you'd automatically wanna go out and purchase the next device which is only going to be playing catch-up and (wont be doing a good job anyway). All loyalty aside how long can one sit back and just take that??? Why is our app market so far behind? Why do our games look like crap? Why are there always BIS outages with no compensation? Oh sure a couple apps THAT PROBABLY WONT EVEN RUN ON ALL OF OUR PHONES SMH. Whats the purpose of hanging on to a Blackberry for BBM when everyone of your contacts have smartened up and moved to better phones? Why don't we have 4g? Why are our NEWEST so called best Blackberry's to date so far behind on the camera etc.? The Playbook??? I mean come on.... 2008-2010 was the time to say "RIM needs to get their sh*t together", it is now the end of 2011 and we're still saying it???? No way!!!!! GOODBYE RIM!
    10-31-11 07:31 AM
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    We have known OS 7 devices weren't gonna be upgradable for a long time. I don't see why you are complaining? Just get a one year contract.
    10-31-11 07:36 AM
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    If it helps any, BBX devices probably won't be out and usable for two years.

    What are you switching to?
    10-31-11 07:38 AM
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    10-31-11 07:51 AM
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    The OP brings up an interesting point. I feel the same way about upgrades. I feel that I pushed the BBs I owned to the technical brink, requiring me to get any new unit. Conversely, my friends with iPhones upgrade their devices at a much slower pace because Apple supports previous models so well.

    I am with the OP, I can't wait to leave and get an iPhone. RIM provided a great experience and led years ago but they aren't even keeping up now.
    10-31-11 08:05 AM
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    May you find happiness in your new phone. Hope you got some accurate information on it.
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    10-31-11 08:27 AM