08-26-08 04:36 PM
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    This is my first time positing to this site! Long time reader though! I just went through a very enlightening experience with my Jawbone 2. I think some having audio issues will find this very interesting. I also posted this to Amazon.com, I hope someone finds it interesting and helpful!

    When I first got my Jawbone 2, it sounded great! People came in loud and clear, they heard me great! The fit wasn't quite what I expected. It felt a little "loose". So I decided to try a different sized ear bud.

    After changing the ear bud, suddenly incoming audio was very low! I had it turned up as high as it would go and it was just at a acceptable level. Before changing the ear bud it was so loud I had to turn it way down. I tried re-pairing, resetting, all that. Comments on line seemed to indicate a lot were having the same issue as me. Incoming audio was very thin sounding, and never loud enough, but they were putting up with it. My Blackberry 8330 always worked great with any Bluetooth headset I threw at it, in terms of incoming audio anyway.

    I called Jawbone support. I remembered how my first few calls were excellent. I explained the issue, and right away they told me the speaker broke when I changed the ear bud out. When you change the ear bud, you can't put any pressure on the barrel part of the speaker! You must grip the jawbone on it's side and wiggle the ear piece free. They offered a exchange, but I'm just going to return it. This is a huge mistake to have a device that can be damaged so easily. When I changed the ear bud, I didn't put much pressure on it, but it sure broke it I guess.

    Everyone that has a Jawbone 2, and the incoming audio is thin sounding, the person is distant and when you crank it all the way up it's only barely loud enough to hear, you Jawbone 2 is broke! Call Jawbone and get it exchanged before the warranty runs out.

    If you just got your jawbone, be very, very careful when changing the ear bud. Jawbone support indicated this is the most common call they get.
    08-16-08 10:06 AM
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    Followup... I returned the jb2 and got the plantronics 520.
    It looks nice, I like the look of it... do you like the way it works and sounds and most of all, the way it feels?
    08-16-08 02:40 PM
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    Has anyone found a belt clip holster for the Jawbone 2?
    08-22-08 04:45 PM
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    08-22-08 08:16 PM
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    I just picked up a J2 as well, and I love the new design. However, I am also experiencing the issue where my 8320 won't automatically connect to my J2, I've got to manually select it from the Bluetooth menu. Anyone figure out a fix for this?

    EDIT: lol...nevermind...I just changed "Trusted" to "Yes" and now it connects automatically...woohoo!! this device is GREAT!!

    Another quick question...is there any way to make notifications sound through the J2? It would be great if I could get a tone when I get an email/text...anyone figure this out?
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    I bought my jawbone 2 about 3 - 4 weeks. Right off the bat, i thought it was one of best bluetooths out there. THe first couple of days, everything sounded excellent and clear. Until later the next day i notice that the back button gets jammed when you press on it. It doesnt make that clicking noise like its suppose to. So i exchanged it. The replacement was fine for awhile. It sounded great. I even used an old jabra eargel that i had from my old jabra. Recently my calls didnt sound quite as clear as it should be. I find myself trying to raise the volume and like tallchick said, it sounded like a walkie talkie. And there were times when i have to repeat myself cause the person on the other line couldnt hear me. Could it be cause its not touching the side of my face like its suppose to?

    I thought that even in a construction zone, the caller can hear you fine as it was demonstrated on the jawbone site. I didnt notice one day but I drove right under an alarm siren which plays every saturday at noon to test the tornado sirens (i live in Oklahoma) with my sunroof open and my friend couldnt hear me at all. I even called my home an left messages on the answering machine while the radio was on and with noise assassin on (and off) and while it was on, i can still hear the music in the background and my voice wasnt all that clear. I switched between using the jabra eargel and the jawbone eargel and its a tossup between the two. Each of them has its days. Overall, i think it sounds great as long as youre not in a noisy enviroment or in your car with the radio off and the windows up. I havent really tested it in a noisy crowd or anything yet. There were times when i press it and it makes a strange noise that i never heard it make before. Also there were times when i connect it and it doesnt connect at all or takes longer than usual to connect.

    Should i call jawbone and tell them? I bought my jawbone off ebay by the way and exchanged it at best buy. Would jawbone still let me replace it? For those of you that had gotten a new one sent out from jawbone, if they were to replace it, will i have to send in mine first before they send me a new one or send me a new one along with a return box? Other than that this is my JB2 experience.

    By the way, do you all keep the earhook on or no? I keep the plastic earhook on. The one without the leather. Just thought id ask out of curiosity.
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    I'm currently testing it out, the size and style is exactly what I was looking for, but the sound quality is that from a cheap BT.
    08-26-08 04:36 PM
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