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    Well we live in North Carolina. They are throwing the no cell phones while driving issue. I wanted to purchase the jawbone 1 last year and never got around to it. Now they have the new slim jawbone. I like the older bigger ones. Can someone tell me some of the advantages/disadvantages with purchasing the older bigger ones? I know fit was a big deal with the original but I think I can manage. If you guys could help me out I'd appreciate it a ton.

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    03-31-09 11:33 PM
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    The new now has new ear gels that they will ship out for free that enable use without an ear loop. A plus for me. I used both for about a year each. I am now using the plantronics 955 which I like better than both jawbones. I will give props to the jawbones noise handling capabilities, but sometimes it seemed I just couldn't get the volume up load enough. But back to your original question. I think hearing on the jawbone 1 was better and sound quality. But fit and feel is waaaay nicer on the jawbone 2. These are just my opinions though and again, I would highly reccomend the plantronics 955 over the jawbones. Good luck!

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    03-31-09 11:40 PM
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    Thanks I will check out the plantronics one. Does it have noise cancelling? The reason I ask is because I run a remodeling company and sometimes, well a lot of times noise is an issue. Just thought I'd ask

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    04-01-09 07:50 AM
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    Thanks I will check out the plantronics one. Does it have noise cancelling? The reason I ask is because I run a remodeling company and sometimes, well a lot of times noise is an issue. Just thought I'd ask

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    Hey Slim,
    Im in construction as well (boring and tunneling) and I will say I was extremely impressed with the jawbone noise cancelling. EXCEPT, it was still hard to hear on my end. One time I was standing next to an ingersol compressor going full blast, and the caller said they could hear me fine, BUT I really couldnt hear them, so to continue the conversation in that circumstance was moot. However, I have to give Jawbone credit for their noise cancelling. As for the plantronics, Yes, they have their own noise technology called Audio IQ. BTW, I had the model # wrong, its Discovery 925 and I wanted to add its by far the most compfortable and several friends, (we all seem to copy eachother) agree as they bought the same days after me. One thing I really like, is that when Im in a noisey area, I can actually hear the plantronics turn the volume up automatically as its suppose to do according to their site. Check out their site, they have a little demo. They even say that theirs is not noise cancelling, but go on to explain their technology. So far, I have not even looked back at my jawbones, but they would be my second choice.

    Another plus for the P over the JB's, is the buttons. The JB's buttons are kinda difficult to press as they are hidden under the body. I will add that the JB 2 button is easier to depress over the original JB. But compared to the P, they are hard. The only bad button on the P is its volume button, a little difficult as well at first, only because its almost flush. But the main button you press to answer and disconnect is user friendly. I also think voice quality on my end is better over the JB's. The JB's kinda souind like 2 way radios, but you do become accustomed to the sound after a while. The P sounds like a phone should. Anyways, here was just some more info. I hope Ive been helpful. I know Verizon will let you try them out (JB 2) and you will have 30 days to return and they also carry the plantronics. But, Im sure you can find both cheaper online.

    One more thing, battery life on the JB2 is horrible, BUT it recharges full in less than 45 mins which was impressive. However, the plantronics comes with a recharging leather case which is cool. So if you start out with a full charge, talk all day, you can just pop it in the case and it will recharge it without havint to plug it in the wall. Also, if your phone uses the micro usb (storm), the car charger works with it too. I called plantronics to verify this.
    04-01-09 09:52 AM
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    Awesome! You have been great help! I definitely needed the advice and you covered every question I could have. Tonight I will check the site out and see where I can go from there. I really appreciate it. Haha I guess one of the things keeping me thinking of the jawbone was the original design lol. But your help has tossed that out the window. Thanks

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    04-01-09 10:25 AM
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    Hey Leather,
    Do you like the no ear hook design? Ive never had one without the ear hook and was just wondering. Sounds like it would fall out of my ear.
    04-01-09 01:44 PM
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    Hey can I ask you where you purchased yours? And how much? I am finding ranging prices. CB has it for 89.95 but shopcell.com I think has it for 53.99. just wondering
    04-01-09 03:42 PM
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    I'm gonna go with the Motor Trend 4X model, which has an enhanced audio output for use in loud environments. They have a new earpiece model, as well as the over-the-head with a boom version.

    475 horses makes a lot of noise to overcome.

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    04-01-09 04:18 PM
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    U still trackin the thread leather? just wonderin where u purchased yours and how much?

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    04-02-09 05:23 PM
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    I am also a huge fan of the new plantronics bluetooth! I have ear issues and get ear infections easily when I wear bluetooths that go down into my ear canal. However, being a phone sales rep, we are required to wear our bluetooths at work. Thankfully, plantronics came out with the new discovery! It does not irritate my ear at all. My only complaint regarding it is sometimes it falls out rather easily since it does not have a ear hook. I have gotten to wear pretty much every bluetooth out there (Moto Pure, Jawbone, Jabra, and plantronics) and the plantronics in my opinion is the best.
    04-26-09 11:45 PM