1. SSTwinrova's Avatar
    I'm traveling to Japan in a little over a week, and I already know that my phone (Curve 8310) won't work there for either voice or data. I would, however, like to take advantage of the GPS so that I don't get lost while wandering around the city. Are there any completely offline products that could at a minimum just show my location (so I guess an offline Google Maps for Japan)? Being able to show rail stations/lines, etc. would be a great bonus since I'm going to be relying on public transportation, but not absolutely necessary. Thanks.
    05-30-08 07:10 PM
  2. Edd_CB's Avatar
    Hmm.. I could be wrong (someone please correct me) but I think you need data for most of the GPS mapping apps for BB. I took mine to Thailand and Google Maps works great over there. It even have all the street names in Thai letters. lol Pretty cool indeed. But Japan? I don't know.

    Either way, good luck and welcome to the forum.
    05-30-08 07:19 PM
  3. SSTwinrova's Avatar
    Exactly, the data plan is typically used either for downloading the maps or using AGPS. Since Japan didn't use GSM for their 2G standard though, my phone will be pretty useless minus the GPS chip; hence, I've been searching for a program that comes with the maps on the phone (so no need to use data for that), and I can deal with a slightly less accurate location
    05-30-08 10:08 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Trekbuddy and another app allow you to use the gps with maps you previously download and place on the SD card. Of course, that means you need to know where you will be so you can download the maps at this time. You can span larger areas, too although that gets a bit more complex.
    05-30-08 10:28 PM