1. nicman's Avatar
    I live in philly, pa. I have the garmin mobile, Blackstar, and BB maps on my verizon strom. They are get a sat link and work perfectly in philly. I even used the garmin mobile in Corpu Cristi, Tx two weeks again and it worked perfectly. Today I flew to Jacksonville, Fl and when I got off the plane none of the gps programs would get a sat link. I was there for a few hours so i did several battery pulls and still not sat link. My friend also has a storm on the verizon network and he uses the VZ navigator. He was getting a sat link and it was working perfectly. We left Jacksonville and start driving north on 95. When we crossed the Ga stateline, i decided to try it again and all the programs got a sat link and worked perfectly.

    My question: Is verizon or a sub division of verizon blocking the gps signals for all programs except vz navigator in Jacksonville, fl.
    02-16-09 08:48 PM
  2. Ravr's Avatar
    Seeing as the GPS is unlocked. It is not possible for them to block it.

    You 100% sure you had the GPS on and you haven't just been triangulating from the towers?
    02-16-09 09:03 PM
  3. dmglakewood's Avatar
    I live in Jacksonville and my GPS works just fine =)
    02-16-09 09:06 PM
  4. nicman's Avatar
    I am positive that the gps was working in Philly, Cortus Critsti, and it is now working in Kingsbay Ga. I did not change any of the settings from the time a left Philly to now. When in Jacksonville, it just kept saying searching for sat and would never connect. My friend was standing next to me and he had a sat link. It is currently working now and connected to the sat. I will check on thursday when i go back to Jacksonville.
    02-16-09 09:08 PM
  5. thezo's Avatar
    i went to a jags game in Jacksonville and used BB maps with GPS to find the stadium. and i was on .75
    02-16-09 11:57 PM
  6. nicman's Avatar
    Well i drove to the jacksonville airport this morning and the gps worked perfectly all the way there. I am not sure why it did not work on monday but it appears to be working correctly now. O well
    02-19-09 03:00 PM
  7. Lipinski82's Avatar
    In Jacksonville too. Works fine for me.
    02-19-09 03:35 PM