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    Hello Folks,

    For some reason I feel compelled to write and explain myself! I have been a fairly loyal BB user for a few years, starting with my 8900, and then moving onto the 9700, and finally up until last weekend, the 9800. I have now jumped ship over to Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 800.

    The Two main reasons for me moving over were:
    - I became bored with Blackberry, the lack of support for apps (For whatever reasons) and something new on my handset. Looking at Android, iOS, WP blogs theres always something exciting going on that I wanted to be a part of.
    - Software updates being far and few between for my handsets, and not adding anything to the OS. Not long after I had purchased the 9800 on its release day in the UK RIM announced an updated Torch that would support OS7. Thats a kick in the teeth! IOS users get software updates and support going back generations.

    I love my new Nokia Lumia 800; The UI is the best I've used. I have to say I only miss two things about my blackberrys:
    - UMA support
    - USB Plug and Play (Drag and drop files)

    The purpose of me posting this isnt to provoke an argument on which is better or how wrong/right I am. I feel I need to explain myself! As stated at the top, I've been so loyal to Blackberry and have persuaded upwards of 10 friends and family to purchase handsets but I am left feeling somewhat disappointed in what RIM has given me back...

    Take Care Crackberry!

    Sy xxx
    11-30-11 01:15 PM
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    11-30-11 01:26 PM